When 30 days of Bible lettering last happened on Instagram in April I loved seeing people’s lettering each day so when I found out it was going to be happening again in July I decided that I would join in.

What is 30 days of Bible Lettering?

30 Days of Bible Lettering is a project set up by several Christian creatives. It’s is about writing one bible verse every day for 30 consecutive days (official start was July 1st) in any style you enjoy.

I decided that I would challenge myself further by using a dip pen in the hope over the 30 days I might improve at using one. However, on the second day I went away for the weekend and forgot my  nib and holder so one of the days is in biro and crayon instead. My nib has rusted a bit an I can’t find the new ones I ordered so I’m trying to convince myself that my lettering would be amazing if my equipment was all in good working order – ha!

I’ve found these challenges a great way of memorising Bible verses. Here’s my first week:

Join in or have a look at what other people are doing on Instagram #30daysofbiblelettering